Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, an update!

Hayden and Lainey are doing very well! The picture above is at a friend's new home outside Columbia. Her dog, Flash, was the hit of the party!
Hayden is officially a first grader. Below is a picture of him at our friend Becky's wedding in Lupus, MO. Our friend, Chuong Doan, is a fabulous photographer and took the 3 pictures shown. Many thanks to him! We are so lucky to have the pictures he's taken. Our kids are cute, but he makes their personality come out! We started piano lesson for Hayden and he seems to really like them. He also had allergy testing recently and is extremely sensitive to many trees, grasses, pollen, etc. Maybe that's the reason his eyes were so horribly swollen this spring! He's reading like crazy, asking so many questions I can't keep up and catching just about any frog, toad or bug that you can imagine. He'd also like you to know that he currently has 3 loose teeth on the top and can't wait for them to come out!

Lainey is also doing well! She is definitely our injury child. She's good at falling, sitting on pencils (this was a fun one!), but at least we've not made any really recent trips to the ER. The last one was because she got hit in the nose with her brother's head... and promptly had a seizure. Luckily, she was coherent very quickly and they didn't see the need for a CT, etc. Other than that, she now has an imaginary friend named Kiki. She has to do just about everything her "big brudder" does and she misses him horribly when he's gone.