Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Non-stop Everything

I can't believe Lainey turned 10 months old on Sunday!! I wish I had the camera a few moments before this one was taken. She was on her tummy trying to peek under Hayden's door. (He was in his room playing with his safari toys.)
Sometimes I wonder, is there ever a quiet moment at our house? Maybe around 1 or 2 a.m., but it just depends on what time Lainey decides to wake. Last night she would not go back to sleep. We cried, fussed and screamed! (Well, she did, I just felt like it.) Doug missed it (he headed back to Springfield via THE CABIN to do a little additional recording with Craig. Poor him!) He also missed a few other things like:
Hayden's block building (he was very proud of it and wanted to show it to daddy when he returned.)
Lainey trying to walk/stand by herself! She was reaching for my hand and took a step from the highchair.

Here she was holding onto my hand, but I pulled it away and she stood there for quite a while before she went down. Our lives might be crazy now, but we're going to have a toddler soon.... then I'll wish for the "slower times!"

Doug should be home sometime tonight. We can't wait to see him!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Snow?

We got together with Greg, Kristin, Kate and Tanner Saturday night at Going Bonkers. The kids had a great time as did the adults. While we were there the snow started. We went next door to Buckingham's for dinner and when we headed home the roads were horrible! Traffic was moving very slow with occasional cars in the ditch or stuck going up hills. Luckily, we all (including the Boyers) made it home safely! Doug and Hayden went out the next day for a little fun in the snow. They built a big snowman. Hayden enjoyed throwing snowballs at the window while Lainey and I watched.

Hayden had the sweetest rosy cheeks when he came in! We had some hot chocolate with marshmallows. He keeps talking about more snow, but I'm not sure that will happen.

Next year should be fun with two playing in the snow!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Visitors and Teething Babies

Lainey went in for her 9 month appointment recently. She was 25 1/2 pounds and 29 3/4 inches long. She's working on her top 4 teeth (she has the bottom two in the middle). I think that one may have popped through last night, but she won't let me look or feel for it.I believe she's going to be a snaggletooth like Hayden (he didn't get the top middle two first. It was the ones on each side of that... Anne named him "Snaggletooth" and I think the same will go for Lainey. She's crawling constantly, pulling up on everything and cruising like crazy. You can't keep this girl still. I'm guessing that her poor sleep habits may have something to do with her constant movement and incoming teeth. I'm hoping things will get better again as the teeth come in. You couldn't tell she's not sleeping well from this picture!

We were also lucky to have our friend, Armando, stay with us while he was presenting at the Annual Exotics Symposium at the Vet. School. I worked there for 15 years and Armando was a student while I was there. It was great to see him! The kids loved him (Hayden stated that he "liked having Armando here.") Luckily, the big ice storm did not cause too many problems for him.

Hayden went out in the icy weather for quite a while and played. He had fun trying to break the ice and write in the small amount of powder on top of the icy layer. I think his favorite part of the adventure was the hot chocolate he got when he came inside.

Love, Jenn

Friday, January 12, 2007

The New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (Christmas and New Year)! We did and things are finally calming down. We hosted our New Years' Day Brunch again this year. We had about 35 people attend. We really enjoy starting the New Year with friends and family. I wish I could say I took pictures, but, sadly, I did not. Also, our good friend, Jim, came to visit and it was great to see him!

Then, on Sunday, January 7, Doug headed with the rest of Celandine (his band) to Springfield, MO for 4 days to record a CD. They got a lot done, but didn't finish. They'll be going back in February for a weekend to finish tracks and get it all mixed. It's an expensive process, but will be well worth it. If anyone would like information on how to get a CD, just email us.

Here are a few pictures from Springfield...

Doug didn't take any pictures of himself.. oh wait, yes he did...

Everyone missed "DADA" a lot and we're very glad to have him home. Hayden spent a night with Grandma Gale and Grandma Ellen. It was nice to have a "girls" night here at home with Lainey. I stayed up way to late each night knitting, etc.

Hope everyone is well! Love, Jenn