Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grey Days Ahead?

Most of the leaves have fallen and it looks grey and dreary outside right now. We did have a couple of very nice days last week. Hayden, Sophia (the little girl I pick up from preschool a few days a week) and Hope (a neighbor) got out and played in the leaves. (Sophia has on blue and Hope has on pink.) Lainey was content to watch - she would have eaten the leaves instead of playing in them.

Hayden keeps asking when we'll get snow... I hope that we do have a few decent snowfalls this year! He's at the perfect age to enjoy them. Doug would probable prefer no snow due to his drive, but I'd like some just as much as Hayden!

I also went this morning and had 9 inches of my hair cut off to send in to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They will use it to make wigs for women battling cancer. It felt good to drop it in the mail since I've been growing it for such a long time. I feel much lighter!

Maybe rain or a light snow (won't stick) in the forcast for tonight!


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