Friday, December 15, 2006

Ready for Christmas

We ventured out to the mall a couple of weeks ago to see Santa! He immediately told Hayden how much he'd grown since last year! Hayden was beaming!! Lainey didn't seem to mind sitting on Santa's lap, but she kept looking at him with a funny expression.We also decided to walk down and see if Sears had any openings. They got us right in. The pictures turned out so well! We're still working on juggling two for pictures, so I was pleasantly surprised.We also were able to decorate the tree a few nights later. Hayden seemed to enjoy it (maybe it was just the eating of broken candy canes that got him excited about it.) We decided we were better off waiting until Lainey was in bed. At this point EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.

The presents are wrapped and under the tree... the stockings are hung... cookies baked... Now to just clean up a bit, head to Jeff City for some visiting with Doug's folks and grandparents and church tomorrow and we'll be back home tucking our little ones in bed. I think Hayden will really enjoy the presents this year.

We've also been invited to my grandma's house for snacks and to have dinner with Rick, Leslie and Jack at their house on Christmas afternoon.

I hope all of you that are reading this will get to be with those you love over the holidays. I hope that everyone takes a moment to do for those who are less fortunate (no matter how small that moment is) and know that we are all lucky to have shelter, food and love! All the rest is just extra!

Love, Jenn

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