Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Goodbye to Sophia

We've been picking up a friends daughter (Sophia) from preschool for the past two years. She and H play so well together. We love having her, but today was our last day with her! She's moving to North Carolina.

Yesterday we left L with Grandma and went swimming at the ARC for a while. They had a great time (I did too!) After lunch they suited up for an "adventure" in the backyard.Juice boxes and peanut butter crackers were packed in the backpack, hats were donned and off they go....

They played in the backyard for close to three hours. Swinging, digging for worms, pretending our dog was a "wild" animal (we have a basset hound -- very mean! ha ha) After a brief break inside they moved to the front yard.

Here's a picture of L (just so she doesn't feel left out!) She napped most of the time they were playing.

Next week we're hoping to get together with Sophia, her mom and her older brother and sister for a little early birthday party. We're going to make some cupcakes and I'm hoping to knit her a sweater this weekend.

Anyway, we will definitely miss her (and her family)!


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